Founded in 1988, Island Technology began as a contract manufacturing firm specializing in the manufacture of high quality electronics assemblies for the commercial and industrial sector. This included printed circuit card assemblies, harness and chassis.

In 1992 the company added engineering capability with the formation of the Industrial Products Group. To date this division has developed a wide variety of products catering to the utilities industry- from test and measurement systems and substation equipment-to switchgear upgrades/spares/ replacement parts, and environmental safety equipment.

In 1998, the company formed the Defense Products Division. This division was created to service large defense firms that downsized or re-located that continued to require products and services that were not readily available. The technology utilized by the defense division strengthened our position in the Industrial and Commercial sectors.

In 2004 a dedicated Utility Field Service department was established and today continues to be a major part of our business. The company has grown to 40+ two-person crews working full-time to support the leading utilities in the northeast. The crews perform inspections of underground structures, installing SCADA systems, carrying out live switching and various other technical operations. Our expertise continues to grow as do the number of qualified technicians in the field. We are fully equipped to handle virtually every aspect of underground or overhead utility maintenance and or construction, A number of our personnel consist of highly experienced utility supervisors and mechanics used primarily as safety and quality control managers.

Today Island Technology has grown to over 150 people with three locations and a fleet of over 40 service vehicles. We continue to expand in the utility segment and support the army and navy in select defense markets.